KASINOlive: Dead Like Juliet & Cemetery Drive & Heating Cellar

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KASINOlive: Dead Like Juliet & Cemetery Drive & Heating Cellar

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21:00 - 21:45 Heating Cellar

22:05 - 22:50 Cemetery Drive

23:10 - 00:00 Dead Like Juliet

Dead Like Juliet

DEAD LIKE JULIET is a six piece heavy music band from northern Italy. Their sound is defined by melodic hooks and singalongs alongside heavy growls and groovy riffs. Unlike other Hardcore bands DLJ shape their raw sound with atmospheric keys and synths. Their songs talk about political topics, personal issues and more philosophical problems. At every single live show DLJ throws their whole energy into the audience, not stopping until everyone is soaked in sweat.

In 2014 the band released their first EP “Against the Crown” followed by the “Tempest” EP in 2016. The first full lenght album “Stranger Shores” was released on the 7th of April 2018. Dead Like Juliet has played around 200 club shows, underground shows and big festivals in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, France, England, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

As a band DLJ wants to speak out against fascism, racism and any form of discrimination and intolerance.

Cemetery Drive

Cemetery Drive is a rock band hailing from the very north of Italy. Inking a deal with
established LA based label “We Are Triumphant” and releasing their label-debut
“Mixed Feelings” in 2017 the band has gained many new listeners and some of the
most passionate fans. Cemetery Drive manages to capture a wide range of emotions
in their music that reaches from new-wave pop-punk to early 2000s emo. Their
sophomore EP “Searchlight” was released on July 19th this year and is promising a
further step up in the band’s career.
Cemetery Drive currently consists of Simon Feichter, Philipp Raich, Thiago
Accarrino, Patrick Guerra, Roman Giovanelli and Dominik Mayr.

Heating Cellar

Heating Cellar is a four piece punkrock band from Northern Italy. Their music is aggressive, dynamic and heavily influenced by punk and grunge. After two singles in 2020, this year the band released their self titled debut EP, which demonstrates different vibes the band can generate. From angry punk sounds like „Antifa Kids“ to melodic grunge riffs like „Thank You“ the band can especially show off their energy on stage. 
They have had the chance to prove that on different stages with bands like Dead Like Juliet, Alarmsignal, Stöner and others.
Above all the band wants to share their view on social and political values and stand in against fascism, discrimination and hate. 
Moshpits, party and sweat are waiting for you.

Datum & Uhrzeit
26. November 2022
Start - 15:00
26. November 2022
Ende - 22:00 Europe/Berlin

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