Sustainable Stand Up Course

Registrations Closed
Registrations Closed

Sustainable Stand Up Course

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Sustainable Stand Up Show


Entry: 18.30 

Show: 19.00

Participation restricted for people with a private invitation

The discussion around climate change has become increasingly difficult. Even though there is more knowledge and awareness around the issue, the complexity and urgency have risen as well. Communicating these challenges has always been difficult, since data, facts and harsh truths are difficult to tell and oftentimes even more difficult to hear. 

The Coach and Consultant Belina Raffy has therefore created the Sustainable Stand Up Course to open new avenues of communicating climate change and climate action. The aim is to reach people not through anger or guilt, but rather through one of the most uniting things in the world: shared laughter.

On 13 May at 19.00 the participants will perform a final show to a private audience. So if you've received an invitation, go ahead and register for the show!

"Laughter is not our medicine. Stories hold our cure. Laughter is just the honey that sweetens the bitter medicine." 
- Hannah Gadsby in "Nanette" (2018)

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