Ultra Alto x Basis

Elektronische Musik und transdisziplinäre Kunst

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​Ultra Alto is a collective of musicians, artists and designers from the city of Bolzano. They came together as a vision to promote trans-disciplinary arts.

🌟 Dive into an electrifying sensory experience where music and visuals collide to forge deep connections among us all! 🌟Join us for an unforgettable all-night event featuring hybrid electronic performances paired with stunning analog and digital visual projections, seamlessly orchestrated by a collective of visionary artists from Bozen.

🔊 Immerse yourself in an ever-evolving soundscape as a dynamic ensemble of electronic music artists takes the stage. 

🔊 ALUMARÉ: will take you on a cosmic voyage, featuring a hybrid electronic jam. 
🔊 KOEN: a guide through the depths of electronic euphoria.
🔊 KRAWALIA: surrender to the hypnotic melodies, here every note is a brushstroke!
🔊 404 NOT FOUND:  dark glitches and sinister grooves collide to create an otherworldly dance experience.

🌈Introducing  "The Journey":  An audio-visual experience crafted by sounds synthesized by Luana Carb and 3 dimensional visuals by Jeremie Arpa.

🎨 At the same time, an extraordinary team of visual wizards will craft a mesmerizing visual journey. Their artistry will unfold before your eyes, amplifying the music's emotional resonance.Digital live visuals mapped by Jeremie Arpa and Amelie Schaeberle and old school analog visuals by Vivian Rustige.
🌈 This isn't just a festival teaser; it's a celebration of unity through dance, music, and art. Let the music guide your body, the visuals ignite your imagination, and the energy of the crowd connect you on a profound level.
🌠 Don't miss this chance to be part of this extraordinary experience where creativity converges to create an unforgettable night of magic.

📆 Date: 30.09.2023 📍 Location: Kasino club, BASIS 🎟️ Secure your spot now for this sensory wonderland. 

See you on the dance floor! 💫

#SensoryExperience #MusicAndVisuals #UnityInArt

Data e ora
30 settembre 2023
Inizio - 16:00
30 settembre 2023
Fine - 21:00 Europe/Berlin

BASIS Vinschgau Venosta

Kortscher Str. 97 Via Corces
Schlanders/Silandro Bozen 39028
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BASIS Vinschgau Venosta


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