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Dear cultural organizer , space maker and enthousiast

 We invite you to: Break the silos #2: How can we together fast forward the cultural mycelium  of South Tyrol?


Break the silos not a talk show. It is a translocal knowledge exchange intended to move not only individuals and teams, but also mountains. Are you a cultural producer or activist from the region or elsewhere? Then, before the main public event, you are invited to a roundtable from 17:00-19:00, which can be viewed as a safe(r) space where stories, challenges, urgencies, and visions are shared and a roadmap toward common goals is drafted over time.


A cultural mycelium is only as strong as its people, so how does South Tyrol's cultural future look?

How can cultural makers in South Tyrol collaborate more effectively toward common goals such as enabling spaces or implementing a regional cultural structure? How can we overcome competition that exists between cultural organizers? Who wants this process, and what can it accomplish? The round table seeks to deconstruct all value systems, unlearn all that is and was, and reintegrate by bringing the past and future into the present. What is the shared goal: Is it physical space(s) that we enable and share together ? Is it a nightmayor lobby platform for regional integral culture?

Space of Urgency and Rural Radicals facilitate this multi-event process by bringing years of international know-how and experience to South Tyrol, so join this quest and party-cipate!

Data e ora
15 dicembre 2022
11:00 13:00 Europe/Berlin

MUSEION Bolzano Bozen

Piazza Piero Siena 1
Bolzano 39100
--MUSEION Bolzano Bozen--
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