NightSchool - Environmental Sustainability

Lecture, Workshop, Discussion & Community - Building Night Culture

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NightSchool - Environmental Sustainability

Lecture, Workshop, Discussion & Community - Building Night Culture

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Build community & learn

NightShool - Environmental Sustainability
Lecture, Workshop, Discussion & Community

08.06.2024, 10 am - 7 pm
Language: English
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NightSchool, funded by the EU, stands as a pioneering beacon, championing emerging creatives in Europe's vibrant nightlife. With the collective efforts of five leading nightlife organizations, it offers an enriching training program, fosters knowledge exchange, and provides online resources, all aimed at nurturing sustainability within our nocturnal culture. Handpicked from across Europe, fifteen participants have been selected to embark on this journey, featuring immersive peer-learning sessions led by industry luminaries in three iconic European venues, including the renowned BASIS KASINO.

Mark your calendars for June 8, 2024, when BASIS Vinschgau Venosta hosts an enlightening day dedicated to environmental sustainability in nightlife. This event warmly welcomes the local community, extending an invitation to all eager creators passionate about nurturing our cultural landscape while forging international connections.

At the heart of our mission lies the recognition that environmental sustainability in nightlife thrives on grassroots initiatives and adaptability. We're committed to fostering a community-driven, hands-on approach to sustainability. How can we integrate sustainability seamlessly into the fabric of club culture? How do we ensure flexibility to accommodate diverse local contexts? Join us as we explore these questions, guided by a practical ethos and fueled by the activist spirit inherent in our cause. 
Together, we'll translate our aspirations into tangible socio-political demands, recognizing that true sustainability is a collective responsibility that transcends individual actions.


10 - 10.30 am

Arrival: Coffee and Hello

10.30 - 11 am

Introduction to the day: Hannes Götsch, BASIS Vinschgau Venosta (he/him) 

11 am - 1 pm

Lecture on Greener club and night culture by clubliebe e.V: Katrine Gregersen (she/her), Hanna Mauksch (she/her), Katharina Wolf (she/her)

The lecture will give insights into ecological sustainability, provide practical knowledge (e.g. on energy efficiency, heating and cooling, mobility, resources and waste management, communications and nature protection), hands-on tips on sustainable event management of a club, first insights into the planning of climate-friendly events, prioritizing what actions to take as well as an Q&A with clubliebe e.V.

1 - 2 pm


2 - 2.30 pm

Voluntary Tour through BASIS Vinschgau Venosta 

2.30 - 3 pm

Showcase and measuring techniques @BASIS KASINO with clubliebe e.V

3 - 5 pm

Workshop From learning to implementation by Rural Radicals, Ella Overkleeft (she/her)

​Interactive session to map out the individual needs for each project converted into a roadmap to working with in the upcoming months. The session will be complemented by individual Q&A opportunities with the NightSchool experts for a feasibility check.

5 - 5.30 pm


5.30 - 6.30/7 pm

Fishbowl discussion Energy is not for free on the sustainable future of night culture

We want to engage in dialogue and question the future of night cluture: Which way to go? What steps and measures need to be taken on a political level, in infrastructure and as a community to support nightlife creators to become more sustainable? What programs are available? How accessible are they? Who is excluded? What kind of activism does nightlife need?

7 pm


Meet the NightSchool Team on site:
VibeLab (Amsterdam):  Mirik Milan (he/him),  Stathis Kalatzis (he/him),  Amir Salem (he/him)
Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs (Riga): Kaspars Kondratjuks (he/him)
BASIS Vinschgau Venosta: Hannes Götsch (he/him)

The NightSchool training program is taking place for the first time in 2024. In addition to South Tyrol with BASIS Vinschgau Venosta representing Italy, renowned clubs such as FUSE Brussels and Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs Riga, as well as project initiators VibeLab from Amsterdam and Transversal Project from Malmö, are part of the project. 

More on the project: